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Add a touch of sophistication to your home decor with our artisan matches in a stylish glass bottle, available in a variety of colors. The bottle is designed with a strike-on-bottle feature, allowing for easy and safe lighting.


Traditional matches have their own charm and are an eco-friendly option compared to modern-day lighters. Our artisan matches are made with high-quality materials that ensure a clean and long-lasting burn, making them ideal for lighting candles, fireplaces, and gas appliances.


Invest in our elegant glass bottle with artisan matches and elevate the ambiance of your home while enjoying the benefits of traditional match lighting.

Teal Artisan Match Sticks

  • Hold the matchstick by the non-burning end and strike it quickly and firmly against the striker on the matchbox or any rough surface. Allow the flame to ignite and hold the matchstick at a 45-degree angle, then use the flame to light your candles, fireplace or any other flammable material. Remember to blow out the matchstick once you're done using it for safety. Enjoy the warm and cozy ambiance created by your lit candles.

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